union 1
JIU Union Hall Construction

JIU began designing and preparing for the second building to be used as a lecture hall and dormitory.  This building has 12 lecture halls and dormitory facilities. The name of the new building is “Union Hall”. We would like to please once again for sharing the joy of the JIU College of Economics and the […]

samisun 2
JIU Opening Exhibition

From July 26, we held the JIU Opening Art Exhibition with “Sa-mi-sun” for four days. This commemorative exhibition is celebrated at the opening of JIU and is prepared to give opportunity to students and local people to appreciate beautiful works through works of professional artists. Not only new students but local government officials, university presidents […]

개교 기념 테이프 커팅
Established JIU College of Economics

The first department of Jakarta International University (JIU), the Department of Accounting, was approved by the Minister of Higher Education of Indonesia and will open on September 4, 2018.  I would like to thank all the JIU families for their support and interest in the past six years. During the first semester, 30 new students […]

Bridge Language Center (BLC)’s ESL/English Courses

BLC is a language education institute under the Foundation Duranno Indonesia, the foundation of JIU. From 2018 onwards, we will move to the administrative part of JIU’s foreign language department. As the official language school of the college, BLC will hold ESL (English as a Second Language) course for JIU’s preparatory college students and foreign […]

JIU Establishment Project is Stepping Forward

JIU establishment project is stepping forward to build next-generation leadership in Indonesia and to serve these peoples. Until March 2018, the JIU College of Economics was reviewed the final documents, and in May, there was a visit to the JIU Campus by the Ministry of Higher Education. We are currently preparing to recruit students, prepare […]