CGA Admissions

Cornerstone Global Academy is a U.S. based K-12 school under the International School of Tomorrow system that provides a U.S. K-12 diploma upon the completion of the program. Following the U.S. academic calendar, our school’s academic year starts from Fall Semester in August and end in Spring Semester in the following year’s May/June. We accept students all year round, and the following is the admission procedure:

Submit Admission Documents
Admission Documents (Attainable by visiting the school or attending the Open House event) : 1. Student Application / 2. Student Consent Form / 3. Student Medical Record / 4. Student Insurance / 5. Parent Consent Form / 6. A Copy of Last School’s Report Card / 7. A Copy of Student’s Passport and Kitas
Student and Parent Interview
The student and the parent who have submitted all the admission documents are assigned an interview date with the school principal and a teacher. The student gets to participate in an English interview to have his or her English speaking skills evaluated. At the same time, the student will be evaluated on his or her confidence and self-image. Following the student interview, the student’s parent will be asked to have a separate meeting with the principal to provide further information about the student, which include the parent’s judgment about the student’s academic ability, talents and adaptability to a new culture and environment.
Notification of Admission through the Admission Council
After the interview, an admission council will be held to discuss and decide on the acceptance of the student. The student and the parents will be notified immediately after the decision is made.
Submit Registration Fee and Take Level Test
A student who is admitted to Cornerstone Global Academy is then required to pay RP 1.000.000 for the registration fee and RP 350.000 for the level test. After participating in the level test, the parent and the student must meet with the principal one more time to plan out the student’s semester based on the test results. After that, the student file folder will be created to track all student records, and the student will receive an ID number.
Semester Orientation
All new students must attend the Semester Orientation before the semester starts, and at this time, they get to meet with their fellow students and teachers, and a homeroom teacher will be assigned. During the orientation, they get to learn about the semester schedule and receive a student handbook, which is to be read, signed on the last page, and to be submitted to the homeroom teacher during the first week of semester.
Pay Tuition
The school tuition may be paid per semester or per year. There will be a discount for the tuition paid in full for the whole year. The deadline for the tuition payment is on the Semester’s 2nd week Friday, and a late fee may be charged for the payment made after the deadline.
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