Cornerstone Global Academy (CGA) provides a private K-12 school program that serves Indonesian and international students from kindergarten to high school levels, founded under the K-Eduplex. Our academy is dedicated to the holistic development of each individual child in intelligence, character, sociability and spirituality, aiming to provide the best education possible.

Academy Philosophy and Vision

CGA strives to build a “learning community” in which students can nurture a passion for learning, discover and develop their unique individual talents, build lasting friendships with fellow students and faculty members, and train in character and leadership qualities. The following are the key focal points of CGA :

Academic Excellence

CGA incorporates 1) America-based School of Tomorrow (SOT) curriculum, 2) online lessons from Promise Cyber School, and 3) on-site supplemental support from qualified teaching staff in Indonesia to provide dynamic and innovative academic experience with multiple routes of learning. First, SOT, curriculum recognized by the government educational agency of the United Kingdom to be equivalent in academic quality as Cambridge International Program (the biggest international curriculum provider), is utilized to build each students a “study habit” for self-paced learning. Second, Promise Cyber School’s online lessons connect students with certified teachers in the U.S. Third, qualified on-site teaching staff supplement and guide students’ learning. All the above programs combine to fit each student’s individual learning aptitude in order to ensure every child’s success in learning with no one falling behind.

In addition, students at CGA receive expert guidance in college preparation, which include college exams (such as SAT, ACT, and TOEFL), college essays, and application strategies. Students at Cornerstone Academy are qualified and well prepared to apply and proceed to prestigious universities throughout the world.

Character and Spritual Development

CGA has a very strong focus on character development. In this learning community, students will learn to respect their teachers and consider their friends before themselves. All lessons include teaching on important character traits (such as patience, humility, and obedience) that build a person, and students will practice and train these traits through character-related assignments. Moreover, there will be rewards for students showing achievement in character development, providing incentives for students to strive in character training.

Creativity and Talent

CGA recognizes the uniqueness of each child and incorporates an individualized focus on individual student, allowing students to discover and develop their talents via a wide variety of school and extra-curricular activities. CGA provides activities in sports, art and craft, music, debate, computer and online learning on a daily basis, and students can navigate and choose to participate in activities that intrigue them. School of Tomorrow Conventions are held in Indonesia, Australia, and the U.S. every year, in which students from over 150 countries gather and mingle. They participate and compete in over 200 areas and build a wide network of international friendship.


At the very core of Cornerstone education is the heart to serve one another. CGA provides various social service opportunities on a regular basis for students to visit neighborhood in need and serve. This is an integral part of Cornerstone education, and is required for all students to participate without exception. Moreover, students at CGA participate in service-oriented vision trip every semester to visit different parts of Indonesia to learn cultures of Indonesia, interact with the people, and serve those in need.

As a result, students at CGA not only attain high achievement in academics but also build international friendship, receive individualized and specialized support in developing their unique talents, and grow as mature leaders who understand the needs of others and serve others.

Thank you for supporting our ministry